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New Orleans student accepted into 115 colleges

A New Orleans student has been accepted into 115 colleges, and the mail man is still delivering letters. Antoinette Love, a senior at the International High School of New Orleans, has been offered a total of $3,775,230 in scholarships more than any other college bound senior in the country so far this year, according to…MORE

Krewe of Caesar parade quits rolling after 40 years

Jefferson Parish’s largest Carnival Krewe will no longer roll. The Krewe of Caesar announced Wednesday that the krewe’s parade and their ball will no longer take place during Carnival. The krewe will remain as a social club. “The residents of Jefferson Parish have enjoyed the Krewe of Caesar for 40 years and we are disappointed…MORE

Nickelodeon and CBS TV Studios team up for animated ‘Star Trek’ series

Nickelodeon is beaming up a new animated “Star Trek” series with help from CBS TV Studios. The show is billed as a chance to introduce the “Star Trek” universe to a new generation of viewers. The CG-animated series “follows a group of lawless teens who discover a derelict Starfleet ship and use it to search…MORE

Wanted: A central banker with nerves of steel to deal with Brexit

The Bank of England is looking for a new boss, but applicants beware: The successful candidate will inherit an economy traumatized by Brexit. Three years of confusion over how, when and even if Britain will leave the European Union has hurt growth and caused the housing market to weaken, auto production to slump and investment…MORE

On this day in history: Liberty Place monument removed in middle of night

Two years ago today, the first Confederate-area monument was removed in New Orleans. In the middle of the night, crews began taking down the monument. Several police officers and barricades surrounded the Battle of Liberty Place monument just before 2 a.m. on April 24. At least two dozen special operations officers made their way to…MORE

The future of Lululemon: Men’s clothes, shampoo and luggage

Lululemon pulled in $3.3 billion in sales last year. But to become bigger, Lululemon will reach beyond its strength in women’s yoga pants. The upscale athletic brand unveiled a five-year growth plan Wednesday to double its men’s and digital businesses. Men’s workout clothes, dress pants and new products like boxers currently make up a small…MORE

Iran, Venezuela, Libya: Inside the ‘high wire act’ facing oil markets

Washington’s crackdown on Iran is just the latest global flashpoint rippling through increasingly tight oil markets. Even oil bulls on Wall Street were surprised when President Donald Trump vowed this week to wipe out Iran’s oil exports. The deepening Iran sanctions, on top of separate penalties on crisis-stricken Venezuela and violence in Libya, are causing…MORE


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