Several injured at St. Bernard Crawfish fest after stampede ensues from unproven shooting claims

The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office held a news conference Monday about an incident at the Louisiana Crawfish Festival on Saturday, and a shooting that occurred in Chalmette.

St. Bernard Parish Sheriff James Pohlmann said that, during the festival, there was an unproven claim of a shooting that caused widespread panic.

Pohlmann said deputies still aren’t sure how the incident started but said at the time of the incident there were reports of someone saying shots were fired and others saying someone screamed ‘gun.’

According to Pohlmann, a stampede ensued, causing people to become injured.

Two children, a 9-year-0ld and an 11-year-old, were taken to an area hospital for treatment, according to Pohlmann. One of the children suffered a concussion.

Watch video of the stampede here:

Pohlmann said that people were jumping barricades, and several children were separated from their families.

According to Pohlmann, the shooting claim remains unsubstantiated. Pohlmann said he encourages anyone with information on the incident to call the sheriff’s office.

According to the sheriff, deputies responded to more than eight fights that night at the festival.

Pohlmann also addressed a shooting that happened in Chalmette.

The shooting occurred around 11:45 p.m. Saturday near the corner of Juno Drive and Patricia Street, according to the sheriff’s office. Two teens were injured.

Pohlmann believes the shooting stemmed from a fight between two groups.

He said one teen remains in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the side.

Crawfish Fest was held at the Frederick Sigur Civic Center.

He urged residents, especially juveniles, to not solve crimes with violence, emphasizing that in both incidents juveniles were involved.

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