D’Lab with Downtown Lesli Brown

Downtown Lesli Brown has developed a reputation of sorts as an exceptional voice in media. A renowned radio personality, media entertainer, and host-this industry mogul is continually adding to her laundry list of talents. This Louisiana native is a product of the overwhelming talent evolving from New Orleans, “The Big Easy,” where she pioneered as an on-air radio personality in 2001. Downtown Lesli Brown loves R&B music as she’s always been depicted to display characteristics of an old soul. Secondary to that her other passion is for hip-hop and live jazz bands.

Her career in hosting stems from live events and citywide spectaculars like annual ‘Easter Jams,’ the ‘Essence Music Festival,’ and a slew of other major concerts, comedy shows, talent searches and motivational speaking. Lesli is well rounded in that she has had the privilege of tapping into television also. Leading with the ‘Gospel Explosion,’ ‘ONE212 TV,’ a variety of Television Commercials.

Lesli is determined to pursue syndicated radio, television, comedy, red carpet hosting, and humanitarian efforts related to self-awareness and motivation. Her talents are endless. Current projects include the forthcoming self-awareness and self-motivating campaign “iChoose.” This project, “iChoose” is a signature campaign developed by Downtown Lesli Brown in an effort to embrace, instill and encourage empowerment of people from different walks of life. Stemming from individual encounters, whether it entails higher learning, self-love, strength, endurance, rehabilitation, medical trauma or life’s circumstance “iChoose,” can and will address each and every issue.

When asked the question, who has inspired her career. With the risk of sounding vain, Lesli explains that it was her own influence and inspiration of music. She set out to give radio what she felt it was missing. “A real person that relates to masses.” Downtown Lesli Brown insists that it is very important to promote one’s self further explaining that If you’re not talked about in the industry, that means you are forgotten about. One of her favorite quotes referenced as she encourages thriving talents to follow their dreams is to “Be an original because no one needs or wants a carbon copy of someone else. Don’t strive to be the next Lesli Brown, be the first you.”

Downtown Lesli Brown is reliable and passionate about things she promotes and believes in. She’s certainly loyal and dedicated to everything that’s important in her life. She prides herself in being a realist to the world, which makes her one of the realest in the world. Lesli’s voice sounds the same on and off air. She’s approachable and doesn’t mind being hands on with the people, even if she’s not being paid to do so. Industry leaders in Louisiana classify media entertainer Downtown Lesli Brown as “One of the realest-knock your socks off, hit the floor type, belly aching fun … enough to have you weak while laughing to tears. Simply authentic with her comedy by default.” But in Lesli’s own words, the one thing she would like everyone to know is “I am the truth. You can believe when I tell it to you baby, I’m Lesli Brown from downtown. The one that’s loved by few, hated by many, but damn sure respected by all.”


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